Terms & Conditions


the following terms & conditions apply to all private event clients.


1. room rental fees

All private events at Top of the Hill are subject to a room rental fee based on the day, hour and length of rental. These fees cover basic amenities such as tables, chairs, place settings, table linens, and so on. Should the client choose to supply any of these items from outside vendors, the room rental fee will not decrease. Room rental fees in full are required as a deposit for any event where food is not served in our event space. There is no tax or operations fee applied to room rental fees.

2. overlapping events

The Great Room Complex is made up of three connected, yet divisible, rooms. Please note that, dependent upon the number of rooms rented for a particular event, the possibility exists that there will be multiple events occurring in the complex simultaneously. All three event rooms are adjacent to each other and the rooms share a double-sided built-in bar, restrooms, and the lobby area. If you need to ensure complete privacy for your event, speak with our Event Office about your options.

3. room assignment

After receipt of deposit, the ability to change or add rooms is based on availability and doing so may incur additional fees. Event rooms must be vacated promptly on schedule and according to rental agreement or the client may be subject to additional fees. If guests remain in the event space longer than 30 minutes after the contracted end time, additional fees will apply to the booking client. If more than 50% of guests enter the space 30 minutes or more prior to the contracted start time, additional fees will apply to the booking client.

4. catering packages

All food items served in the Great Room facility must be supplied, prepared, and served by our event kitchen. We do not allow guests to purchase menu packages for fewer than the actual number of guests expected. Under no circumstances are extra meals for guests that have not attended an event provided to the client for removal from the Great Room. The Great Room is only responsible for providing meals for guests on the premises. The only food permitted to be brought into the event space is dessert. No catering food may be removed from the event premises.

5. final menu choices

All menus must be determined in full fourteen (14) days in advance of the event. Any menu left undetermined by this time may be subject to change based on order availability. If the selected catering menu is a plated meal, the Great Room office requires plate counts seven (7) days prior to the event date, when your final headcount is due (see #8, Guaranteed Guest Count).

6. dietary request policy

We are happy to accommodate special dietary requests when possible. Specific menu requests (gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian options, etc) must be made fourteen (14) days in advance of the event.

7. kids menus

We provide complimentary chicken tenders or cheese pizza for up to ten (10) children under twelve (12) years of age. If a client would prefer that children eat from the dinner package provided to all guests, the client will be charged 50% of the purchased catering package per child.

8. guaranteed guest count

A guaranteed minimum headcount must be confirmed seven (7) business days prior to the event. Guaranteed head counts are due by 5:00 PM at the latest. When purchasing a plated dinner package, plate counts per course are also due to the Great Room office seven (7) business days prior to the event. Giving the event office a final headcount is the responsibility of the client, and if the final headcount is not turned in to the event office seven (7) days prior to an event, the Great Room reserves the right to charge said client for their full estimated guest count. We do not guarantee identical service or menu options for any additional guests added after the seven (7) day deadline. Any meal provided for additional guests may be subject to a surcharge on the menu price.

9. beverage packages

The only exemptions to per-person inclusion in our beverage packages are guests who are under twenty-one (21) years of age. Should guests of legal drinking age arrive prior to a scheduled event start time and begin consuming alcohol on an hourly beverage package, the booking client will be charged for additional time in increments of thirty (30) minutes. In addition, the Great Room and its staff reserve the right to refuse service to any patron considered to be intoxicated. Cash Bars and Consumption Tabs are subject to a $75.00 per bartender fee. Bartenders are staffed at the discretion of the Event Office.

10. alcohol consumption

Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery, as a licensee, is responsible for the administration of the sale and service of all alcoholic beverages in accordance with the North Carolina State Legislative Commission’s regulations. The Great Room Complex strictly enforces all North Carolina alcohol laws. Alcoholic beverages purchased offsite are strictly prohibited at Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery and its affiliated facilities. Underage drinking or the consumption of alcohol purchased offsite will result in immediate event termination and ejection from the premises.

11. operations fee & sales tax

Orange County sales tax is currently 7.50% and is applied to all catering purchases for any events. The Great Room complex also charges an operations fee of 20% which is applied to both the catering and beverage charges for an event. The tax amount is subject to change, per North Carolina state tax regulations. Clients using the University Direct Billing system will not be subject to state tax. Room rental fees are not subject to state tax or operations fee.

12. in-house wedding coordination

The Great Room office requires that all clients purchase our in-house wedding coordination service for any wedding ceremony and/or reception event. The Great Room Wedding Coordinator will not provide services beyond what is explicitly listed in the Event Order.

13. wedding ceremony fees

Due to the nature of our space, a private cocktail hour in Back Bar must be purchased in conjunction with all ceremony-to-reception bookings. The wedding ceremony fee encompasses one hour of ceremony time (required 30 minutes of guest arrival time, plus 30 minutes of ceremony time) in the Great Room as well as a private cocktail hour in Back Bar. Please speak with the Great Room office for details.

14. wedding ceremony rehearsals

In conjunction with the booking of a wedding ceremony, the Great Room will guarantee a free one-hour rehearsal before the wedding date. The day and time is based on the Great Room events schedule, and is not guaranteed until two weeks prior to the wedding date. Should a client wish to book a specific one-hour rehearsal time, the client will incur an additional fee and/or incur a minimum requirement, depending on the time of day. Please note that Sunday wedding ceremonies are not guaranteed a rehearsal the day before their event date, and may have to schedule a rehearsal two or more days earlier.

15. tastings

The Great Room offers complimentary tastings for clients who are both meeting our Friday/Saturday minimums, and who have purchased one of the following catering packages: the Arboretum, the Southern Supper, the Tar Heel Dinner, or the Plated Dinner. Tastings are held on the third Tuesday of every month between 12:00PM and 5:00PM, and tastings must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Tastings are complimentary for up to four (4) guests once a contract has been signed and a deposit has been paid. For any prospective wedding clients, tastings may be purchased for $25.00 per person. This cost will be reimbursed to your contract once a deposit has been paid with purchase of one of our qualifying catering packages.

16. minimums

The event space functions on all-inclusive minimums for Friday and Saturday evenings. The minimum varies by month and is determined by the Great Room staff prior to bookings. Minimums can be met through the following fees: catering package, beverage package, room rental fee, wedding coordinator fee, and miscellaneous fees (cake cutting, bartender fees, etc). When an event is booked with a minimum, the client is responsible for meeting that minimum with their final payment, regardless of drop in headcount, change in menu, etc.

17. deposits

A non-refundable/non-transferable deposit equal to 30% of the projected estimated total event cost will be due within seven (7) business days of receipt of proposal unless otherwise arranged with the Great Room office. Events paying through the UNC Billing system do not require a deposit to secure a booking. We accept deposits in the form of cash, personal or cashier’s check or credit card (American Express, MasterCard, or Visa; Discover is not accepted). The Great Room at Top of the Hill reserves the right to cancel any reservations that have not met these deposit requirements. Receipt of your event deposit, with a signed contract, confirms your acceptance of all Terms and Conditions and confirms the event’s date, time and rooms rented.

18. confirming a booking

All bookings are considered confirmed only after the terms & conditions with client signature is returned and all relevant deposits are paid to the Great Room office. We request that clients remit payment for all necessary deposits no later than seven (7) business days after receipt of proposal. Groups paying through the UNC Billing system will not be held to a deposit, but will need to provide a signed contract and their department’s accounting information to confirm their event. After an event is confirmed, all catering and beverage packages may be adjusted. Changing the event time after an event is confirmed is dependent upon the availability of the event space and is not guaranteed.

19. final payment

The final payment is due to the Event Office seven (7) days prior to the event date, after the final headcount is provided. Please note that all payments are final and non-refundable. The Event Office also requires that the client provide a valid credit card number when the reservation is confirmed that will be used only if payment is not received or in the event of a cancellation. Any outstanding financial obligations (bar tabs, additional food, etc.) must be met by the close of the event.

20. invoices & UNC billing

Any client who, because of corporate or government invoice policies or payment through the UNC Billing system, cannot provide payment prior to the event has thirty (30) days from the close of the event to settle their account or a late charge equal to five (5) percent of the unpaid amount per month will be assessed and accrued. This percentage increase is applied to the balance due only. The Event Office must be notified prior to the date of the event of plans to pay by invoice.

21. cancellations

In the event of a cancellation prior to seven (7) days before the event, the client will not be refunded any deposits paid. If the cancellation is made within seven (7) days of the event date, the client will be financially responsible for 100% of the remaining balance due.

22. UNC department bookings & cancellations

Clients wishing to pay by University Direct Billing will not be subject to a deposit, but must give The Event Office all accountant contact information and a campus box number at the time of booking. Should a given department cancel after signing the confirmation paperwork for an event, Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery, and its affiliated facilities, will hold the department responsible for the room rental fee in full. Should a given department cancel within seven (7) days of the event, Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery, and its affiliated facilities, reserves the right to bill the department for up to 75% of the estimated event total cost.

23. event manager

Prior to your event, you will be contacted by the Event Manager assigned to your event. At this time, all details and plans put in place during meetings with the Event Office will be reviewed, discussed and finalized. Please note that if you have questions or concerns at any time between confirmation of your booking and the event date, you are always welcome to call the Event Office and speak with any member of our team.

24. audio/visual requirements

Top of the Hill requires that all audio/visual needs be submitted and discussed in full with your Event Manager seven (7) days prior to the start of the event. All DVD slideshows, videos or computer presentations of any kind (PowerPoint slideshows, etc) must be tested prior to the start of the event. The Great Room does not guarantee that client audio/visual needs will be met. Please note that we do not have audio/visual technicians on site. While your Event Manager can assist with the use of our A/V equipment, we cannot assist with technical issues beyond the basic operations of our system.

25. event set-up

The Great Room at Top of the Hill is not responsible for any set-up or breakdown of items brought from outside the event facility. Should an event require extra set-up assistance by the Great Room staff, the client will be subject to additional fees. This does not apply to those clients who have purchased the in-house wedding coordination or party planning packages.

26. displays, exhibits & decorations

All displays, exhibits and decorations must conform to Chapel Hill city code and fire ordinance rules. Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery and its affiliated facilities will not permit the affixing of anything to walls, floors or ceilings of rooms with nails, staples, tape or any other substance unless prior permission is given by a member of the Event Office. Any damage caused by event attendees will be the responsibility of the client. Due to fire codes, taper candles are not allowed. Use of glitter, confetti, bubbles, dry ice or smoke/fog machines is strictly prohibited.

27. accessing the space & storage

The Great Room does not guarantee access to the space to load-in items and/or decorate until one (1) hour prior to event time. The Great Room does not guarantee a complete room set-up until fifteen (15) minutes prior to contracted event start time. The Great Room also does not guarantee the storage of items prior to or post-event. Should a client leave their items in the event space more than 24 hours after their contracted event end time, the Great Room will dispose of any and all items unless prior arrangements have been made with the Event Office. The Great Room does not guarantee the security of any items left in storage.

28. outside vendors

The Great Room is happy to work with the outside vendors of your choice, however all arrival and load-in timelines must be confirmed with The Event Office seven (7) days prior to the event date. Due to our location in downtown Chapel Hill, Top of the Hill offers extremely limited loading and unloading capabilities. The Great Room will only guarantee access to the space for vendor set-up one (1) hour before a client’s contracted event start time. The Great Room, The Back Bar and Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery are not responsible for providing parking for outside vendors.

29. liability

The Great Room at Top of the Hill reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions. Liability for damage to the premises will be charged to the representative making function arrangements. Extra fees will be charged at the discretion of the establishment if more than standard cleanup is required at the close of the event. Top of the Hill does not assume responsibility for personal property or equipment brought into the establishment or the damage or loss of any personal items left unattended or overnight in rooms, hallways or closets.

30. force majeure

No party shall be liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is as a result of Acts of Nature (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, or other natural disaster), terrorist activities, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout, or interruption or failure of electricity. Any party asserting Force Majeure as an excuse shall have the burden of providing reasonable steps were taken to minimize delay or damages caused by foreseeable events, that all non-excused obligations were substantially fulfilled, and that the other Party was notified in a timely manner of the likelihood or actual occurrence which would justify such an assertion, so that other prudent precautions could be contemplated.